Taking back lost freedoms – one vote at a time

In the coming weeks, you and I face a challenge like we’ve never faced before.

I’m talking about the national elections that will take place on November 2nd.

More than any other campaign of our lifetimes, these elections are a referendum on whether we are going to regain control of our country or whether we’re going to continue watching our freedoms evaporate until they’re gone forever.

And the fact is, the NRA is the only organization in America that has successfully taken back lost freedoms from our government.

Today, I’m asking you to click here now and help to do it again.

I’m asking you today to help me get our message to 80 million American gun owners who are just as concerned as you about the steady decline of America’s freedoms, strength, and hope.

Americans are looking to the NRA to lead this fight for freedom — to challenge the lies they’re hearing every day from the dishonest media and from the politicians who are dragging this country down.

Everyday Americans are hungry to hear the truth. They’re waiting to hear our message on TV. On the radio. Through our mailings, phone calls, and newspaper ads. Through the web, e-mails and social networking pages.

And if you and I can get the job done in these next few critical weeks, it will make a huge difference — not just for our gun rights but for our nation’s future.

When NRA wins, America wins, because the politicians we elect to fight for the Second Amendment are the same politicians America can rely on to fight for all the freedoms our Founding Fathers secured for us when they ratified the Bill of Rights as our nation’s supreme law.

But only you can make it happen, by sending NRA a contribution today in the name of FREEDOM.

Your dollars can make the difference — your decision now to send a contribution to the NRA of $20, $40, $60, $100, or any other amount you can afford.

Please click here to make that contribution today.

Within hours after we receive your gift, your generosity will be translated into more TV ads, more radio messages, more phone calls, internet banners and more — all designed to help voters draw a bright line between candidates who truly cherish freedom and those who will tell any lie in order to win votes.

NRA will use your donation to tell America how anti-gun politicians are undermining the Second Amendment through gun rationing schemes. Selective bans on handguns… Semi-auto bans. Registration and fingerprinting requirements. Right-to-Carry restrictions. Ballistic “fingerprinting”. Ammunition bans. Home inspection requirements and more.

And, we’ll use your contribution to tell the truth about what happens when good people are allowed to exercise their Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

There’s never been a more important time for us to do the job — a job that no one else has the strength or courage to do.

Every dollar you give today will help us get our message to more Americans like you — who still have the spirit of Concord Bridge and Bunker Hill and Omaha Beach burning in their souls.

With the elections less than eight weeks away, please do it NOW. You can make your mark on history by sending a contribution to NRA.

Please click here to make that investment today.

Thank you for your willingness to fight. I look forward to hearing from you.


Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President

P.S. In all of American history, certain dates — like July 4, 1776 — have marked critical turning points. And I believe November 2, 2010 is the next big day that will determine the future of our country.

Please click here and donate now. You and NRA have the opportunity to put our country back on the right road — toward a government that derives its just power from the consent of the governed to protect the liberties that have been endowed by the Creator to every American.

Again, thank you.

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