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Taxed Enough Already?  Me too.
As GOPAC-TX Board members travel across Texas, we speak of the very same principles that guide the TEA Party movement:  the desire for smaller government, lower taxes, protecting liberty and defending freedom.
But, Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives want to inflate government and tax you more.  That’s not really surprising.  However, some Texas Democrats have signed a letter supporting Obama Care.  Imagine that.  Big Government with higher tax-dollars coming to save you. You and I must put a stop to that now.
The Democrat Elite with their big government spending and business interventions won’t change, so let’s do it for them this election.
After all, redistricting is a major issue this upcoming legislative session.  A stronger pro-business / pro-liberty majority means we can send more like-minded believers to Congress to protect and defend the United States Constitution.
But it won’t be easy.  I need your help today!
As a defender of freedom, can I count on you to make a secure online contribution today.  $25 or $2500, or anything in between makes a difference.
Imagine having a stronger GOP majority that will cut spending, secure the border, and pass Voter ID.
For Texas,
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Phil King, GOPAC-TX Chairman
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