Examining decades of growth in K-12 education spending

Excessive Spending 101

Did you know –

the teacher to non-teacher ratio in Texas public schools is basically one non- teacher for every teacher, a 1:1 ratio !

total Texas public school expenditures increased 334.5 percent from 1987 to 2007, an increase of 142 percent when adjusting for inflation.

Texas’ per-pupil costs increased from $3,659 in 1987 to $11,024 in 2007, a 66 percent increase when adjusted for inflation.

In Texas, public education consumes 28.9 percent of the budget and higher education consumes 12.5 percent, bringing the education total to 41.4 percent for the 2010-11 biennium.  That’s almost half the state’s total budget expenditures!

For a comprehensive report on the staggering growth in education spending, you must read  Examining Decades of Growth in K-12 Education.

If you agree that this alarming pattern of wasteful spending is outrageous, we urge you to contact:

State Representative Phil King – 512-382-5631 (email) phil@philking.com

State Senator Craig Estes – 512-463-0130


The information contained herein was obtained from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, http://www.texaspolicy.com.

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