A Victory for Conservatism – Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell Won

by Donna Garner


Congratulations to Lt. Brian Birdwell, the new Texas Senator from District 22!  We have finally seen a grassroots campaign with a superb candidate win against a well-funded lobbyist.  Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell is our next Texas Senator from Central Texas.

With 24,531 votes cast, Birdwell got 57.87% while David Sibley got 42.12% (all precincts reported).  This wasn’t just sort of a victory; it was a landslide, particularly considering the fact that Sibley had made over $13.6 Million in seven years from his lobbying activities (including the tobacco and alcohol industries), had collected huge campaign donations from his lobbyist friends, and was supported by wealthy Democrat Bernard Rapoport (the biggest contributor to Planned Parenthood Waco).

Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell had to raise money not only for the primary race but for the runoff with Sibley.  Birdwell is a man of limited means, is a grassroots, patriotic hero who believes in America and all of its glorious heritage, and was willing to fight to preserve it.

Birdwell surrounded himself with one of the best campaign teams I have ever witnessed.  Their timing was impeccable, and they understood the voters of Central Texas and what it is that we want in a legislator.

Birdwell sought after and received the endorsements of key conservative leaders in Texas and across the country because they were convinced of his integrity.

This victory was symbolic of what can be done when conservatives come together to support a fabulous candidate, and we are thankful to be able to send Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell to the Texas Senate.

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  1. Most excellent!

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