Candidate Tarbay withdraws contest of Weatherford city council election

by Joshua Tarbay


Residents of the City of Weatherford,

As I originally expressed during a post-election phone interview with the Weatherford Democrat, again during my Republican election-day precinct convention and during the 2010 Parker County Republican Convention, I completely oppose the use of electronic, programmable voting machines. Questioning the 2010 Weatherford municipal election was not entirely results-based. Average Americans need to understand the simplicity in which these machines can be manipulated, unless of course you trust politicians. Average Americans also need to demand the re-instatement of paper ballots, unless of course you trust politicians.  Average Americans need to doubt, distrust and question what your elected officials are telling you. After all, it is the elected officials who LOVE the electronic, programmable, video-game style voting machines.

I am here by withdrawing any contest of this past spring’s municipal election, with the understanding that I will continue to do as gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina told me during the Republican State Convention last weekend in Dallas, fight to remove all use of electronic voting machines. I am a proud member of the Weatherford Educators of Liberty, Weatherford Ron Paul meet up and the Weatherford Tea Party. These groups share one common thread, a complete disgust for what has been shoveled our way the past decade (and then some): the taxes, the spending, the voting machines, loss of liberties, the abuse of power and the complete disregard for the US Constitution. As I withdrawal this contest, I challenge the residents of Weatherford to do more of the contesting.

Knowing something is wrong and doing nothing, is far worse than doing something wrong. If I was wrong in this challenge, I apologize to all effected, but I was not about to sit back and do nothing! Thank you to the Weatherford Democrat and to fellow candidates Sherry Watson and Eric Matthews for their support and hard work.

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