Is it “We The People”, or is it “WE vs The People”?

How many times have you heard City Officials tell the citizens of Weatherford how much better off they are with the socialized monopoly commonly called Weatherford Electric (WE)?

Is it because WE employees are more efficient than electricity providers who routinely compete in the marketplace?

How many times have you driven past a TXU work site and observed only one employee out of ten actually working?

This morning at about 9:30 am, I observed Weatherford Electric (WE) employees (see photos below) going about the business of looking out for the interests of Weatherford citizens.  What would John Stossel say – “give me a break”!   Is this not a disgusting insult to you – the tax payer who is not allowed to search the market for a more efficiently ran organization who can provide power at a reasonable rate?

No more excuses or finger pointing!

Who is ultimately responsible to the tax payers for EVERYTHING that is controlled or managed by city government – It is obviously those we elect!


Of the ten employees in this picture, the guy with no helmet is the only person who may actually be doing something constructive.


As many as eight vehicles and one back-hoe!


More of the same –


How long would your business last if you tolerated this kind of mismanagement and abuse of resources?


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  1. Well from looking at the pictures it doesn’t look like they are hanging out wasting time. If you notice the last picture there is a little truck that is not from WE. If anything it seems that they were waiting for this person to show up to begin their work. Seems like we don’t give enough credit to our city employees but to a disgruntled taxpayer.

  2. oncor and txu might only have one person working on an outage, but look at their average time of customers without power and look at WE outage times. its alot shorter. that info is online. in the picture that says “the only guy with out a helmet on seems top be the only one doing something constructive. the man without the helmet, its a hardhat, you’d know if you worked around construction, was the gas and telephone locator. WE is not allowed to dig until he locates the lines. but i guarantee that every person out there did their part to make the outage time as short as possible. power was restored within the hour. thats pretty good to me. you cant just show up on a site for ten minutes take a few pictures and try to judge whats going on.

    happy weatherford electric customer

  3. I find it very humorous that all you had to do on this day was sit in your truck and take pictures of complete strangers doing something that you obviously know nothing about. In fact, what I find the funniest is that not only did you stay around and judge it you actually took the time to put it in the paper. Some might call this a cry out for attention done by a lonely middle aged man. People like you are what makes this world so aggressive. People are always having to over explain themselves to complete morons. Maybe if more people would worry about themselves and what they have going on we could all stop being so uptight. and stop having to look over our shoulders while doing what we are supposed to be doing just because there is the SLIGHTEST chance that some lonely guy with nothing better to do may be lurking around the corner judging us. Get a life and stop worrying about everyone elses.

  4. Sounds like this article hit the nerve of Weatherford Electric employees and/or family members! I can assure you everyone reading this blog who meets a payroll knows exactly what the writer is talking about. You see this sort of thing all over the place, “officials” spending tax dollars wisely right – WRONG! Those pictures can be described with one word – waste.

    I also noticed nothing was said by the whiners about forcing Weatherford citizens to buy electricity from a government source – sound familiar? Doesn’t sound like the sort of thing my son spent two tours in the Army fighting for.

  5. I will be sure to send a letter to Weatherford informing them that “the people” of Weatherford would perfer employees dig without locating lines before hand. I am very sorry that they did realise that the risk of blowing up and or poisoning people due to a gas leak wasnt an issue for you. I am sure the next time they are working near your home they will take that into concideration. BTW, to the intelligent man that posted this your tax dollars dont come anywhere near the WE employees. Infact part of you electric bill does just like it would if you were to use TXU or Oncor. Also, Mr. Know it all, I am not or have not ever been a part of Weatherford Electric. I happen to live in a town that uses the same system and I check these site regularly because I have family members from Parker County. But there I go over explaining myself to someone that doesnt even know me.

  6. Heather, are you suggesting that if I were not paying people to stand around and do nothing, my electric bill would be less? You may be on to something.

    Question – Who pays for their insurance?
    Question – Who pays for their retirement?

  7. Not sure but I can certainly look into it. What I am suggesting is that they were not doing nothing. My family has been in the construction business for generations and I know a thing or two what I see in these pictures and I see no pics of after the locator left. I also would think that if either of us were to be related to or know someone on this crew we would sleep better at night knowing that they will make it home safely because they dont cut corners just to make you feel better. To know that I dont have to worry about a busted gas line exploding and killing or injuring someone that I know. Also, it is required by any electric company or construction company to do this. An outage occurs or a building is being built all lines must be located before proceeding. Also, the way they are looking in the hole makes me think that they are evaulating the situation to know how to act quicky once all lines are located. Trust me if a gas line busts you have alot more to worry about than a bunch of men with shovels.

  8. No your electric bill will stay the same. the electric company gets between 3% and 5% of your bill the rest goes to streets, parks, city hall, ect. the electric dept. brings in 75% of the citys revenue. you bring in txu or oncor all that money goes away. and guess what our taxes go up. alot. as for the retirement and insurance that is all included in the 3-5%. with other companies you still pay that, plus higher taxes to make up the 75% of what the electric company used to bring into the city.

  9. guess you just got your answer.

  10. Bottom line:

    Loss of our freedom to make our own choices has, and will continue to cost America much more than anything we may save on our electric bill or in city taxes.

    I have no desire to live in a socialistic society where government officials are allowed to decide what’s best for me and my family.

    Peace is cheap! All you have to do is compromise or surrender. The battle for freedom however, never ends – but out of that struggle grew America’s backbone.

  11. The article is PERFECT! The point is simple! It is not that WE Electric services are all that awful (sure the pictures were one sided), but more over, the lack of choice!
    Police, fire, even roads to some degree…these are services that have no direct bill to the citizens. Communities have long since decided that in order to function properly, they need to ban together and all chip in a small amount of “insurance money”, in case one or more of them need the occasional police officer or a fire stopped! Before you celebrate July 4th and all that it means to do so, remember that our founders would have never wanted to live in a city where they were FORCED to buy something, or FORCED to pay something.
    I might choose WE, and if you are a WE supporter or employee than you may feel confident that 95% of the city would do the same…BUT…it needs to be their choice! Come on, this one is simple, you can not stop a free man from making his own decisions as long as those decisions do not infringe upon the rights of others.

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