Oppressive Taxation With Representation is Still Tyranny

– by Art Helms


“No taxation without representation” was the rallying cry of the United States Revolutionary war. The phrase, “taxation without representation is tyranny”, coined by James Otis, of that era, best represents the dissent of our Colonial ancestors.

The Atlantic Ocean separated them from their representative government. Today, with our representative government with us on the same continent, we are still hearing that sentiment. The problem was not then, nor is it now, distance or geological barrier. Oppressive taxation with representation is still tyranny.

At the Federal level, massive taxing, spending, and borrowing has caused our national public debt to reach an unsustainable $12.8 trillion at 90.4% GDP level in 2009. There are over 67,000 pages in our US Tax Code. From the Wall Street Journal to National Public Radio, everyone is saying, “We Still Need a Simpler Tax Code.” The IRS web site lists 46 pages of 1,134 tax forms, and 32 sheets of 784 tax publications. Our Tax Freedom Day, in 2010, is May 29. Albert Einstein, who died back in the 1950s, said that filing tax forms “. . . is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher.” Today, filing tax forms has stumped even the philosophers.

At state and local levels, our representatives tax us with State Income Tax, Sales and Use Tax, Franchise Tax, Property Tax, Poll Tax, Land Value Tax, Estate Tax, Inheritance Tax, Gift Tax, Ad Valorem Tax, and ad infinitum tax.

G.K. Chesterton, in his 1928 review of the book, The Open Conspiracy, by H.G. Wells, said “. . . the real difficulty of representative government is how to make it representative, even in the smallest of small nationalities, even in the nearest parish council.”

Chesterton had the key. Make government representative “even in the nearest parish council.” Establish local level, locally accountable, and locally elected tax authorities — one for each county or common number of regions within each state. Set an immediate and permanent income tax ceiling of 10% for all individual and corporate taxpayers. With the exception of tariffs on foreign goods and services, phase out, over a period of 3 years, all other local, state, and federal tax forms and systems. Require that a maximum 20%, of the locally collected taxes be paid to each of their respective states’ single tax authority, and require a maximum of 15% of each state’s collected taxes be paid to a single federal tax authority.

This is the subject of an E-Petition at GoPetition. Please consider signing this petition.

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