Non-sense about profiling is all politically driven

by Alexander Villarreal


I am hispanic, I live in Texas and I agree with Sylvia Allen. If securing our border is such a bad idea why in the world are we the only country that doesn’t do it?

I think that maybe we should have two fences with many stations the length of the fence. Equipped with cameras stratigically placed, Border Patrol Agents in the stations and Trained Dogs wearing cameras running free between the stations. This would deter many unlawful crossings.

I also believe that this non-sense about profiling is all political driven. I have been pulled over and profiled all my life way before this most recent issue.

I have had my car searched and though I complained then, I have enough sense now to realize nothing has been lost but time.

Of all the times I have been stopped, I was always released and allowed to go on my merry way.  Being a law abiding citizen helped. The police were only doing their job and instead of cursing them we should be thanking them and praying that they continue to serve us well.

2 responses

  1. Alexander, you are so right in so many ways! Your idea of having two fences with a trained dog between them is simple and effective. Secure missile sites use that system very efficiently. It may not be the solution for the entire border, but simple inexpensive solutions that work are available and should be used.

  2. I agree. National polls are showing the public supports the Arizona law, even if the cities of LA and Austin is pressing the racist button.

    Just obey the laws and allow our law enforcement to do their jobs!!

    There is nothing crazy about the Arizona law except the people criticizing it.

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