How much do you know about Weatherford city council candidates?

by Jason Harrison


Are you familiar with the background of the people you elected to run your city government?  Are you concerned about the taxes you currently pay, and how much more you will inevitably pay in taxes if you keep the same “good ole boys” in city council positions.

What are you prepared to do to solve the problem? Are you going to re-elect the same old guys who caused the problem and then expect them to fix the problem? How insane is that???

I recently moved my family to Weatherford for several reasons – but the main reason is because I love the conservative lifestyle in and around Weatherford.  My wife and I believe this is the best place in the DFW area to raise our family.  Where we came from is not important, but I can assure you we learned first hand what inept good ole boy politicians can do to city government.

In the short time we have lived here, I have looked at the background of the current members of Weatherford’s City Council. I was absolutely amazed to learn that one of the council members’ past consists of a long string of failures – moving from job to job.  Matter of fact I believe he is still unemployed!  Looks like the only position he has been able to hold onto is his “unpaid” city council position.

Question: If you were searching for board members for your corporation, would you populate the board with members with dismal records of failures, or would you seek out highly qualified individuals with proven records of success?  I think the answer is obvious – so why should voters hire an individual with their votes who has not demonstrated the ability to succeed at anything – especially since there are so many highly qualified young men and women who possess the skills necessary to prepare Weatherford for an uncertain future?

I am not in any way suggesting that the current members of Weatherford’s city council are not good and decent law abiding citizens.  The point I am attempting to make however, is that we have a city full of decent law abiding citizens – from which to choose the most highly qualified citizens to serve on city council.  Why should we compromise and settle for mediocracy when the best is available and prepared to serve?

If you attend the next city council meeting and observe one of the good ole boys on the council sleeping – it will not be the first time that observation has been made! How ridiculous is that?  I believe he should be replaced with someone who finds the business at hand interesting and important enough to at the very least, stay awake to hear what is being said!  Voters, we have a choice.

I find it absolutely incredible that the current city council found its longest serving member’s performance to be so inept, that they voted against electing him to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem!  He happens to be the same member to whom I devoted much of this blog post.  Who is in a better position to judge his suitability to serve on city council than his fellow council members.  Voters, we have a choice.

We deserve better representation!

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