The Race for Weatherford City Council

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5 responses

  1. When will Zan Prince, Chairperson of the Parker County Republican Party understand that Weatherford City Council is nonpartisan?
    In her latest communication she “winks” at the Council being “nonpartisan” (her parentheses).
    She says in this communication (Friday afternoon April 23, 2010), “Republicians believe in less government, lower taxes, personal accountability and policies to promote strong families”.
    “Less government”? Has she read the “new” zoning and code that is currently working through the Planning and Zoning Committee? Page 18, section (h), paragraph (1)…”The designated city official, or his/her authorized representative, shall have the right to enter upon any premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of making inspections of buildings or premises that may be necessary to carry out the duties in the enforcement of the Ordinance.”
    “Lower taxes”? In September 2009, Mayor Hooks and Councilmen Waymon Hamilton and Craig Swancy voted to add 2-1/2 cents per hundred dollar value to Weatherford property taxes. Councilmen Jerry Clinton and James Hamilton voted against this increase. Subsequently, Council could have cut enough out of this year’s budget to avoid the tax increase, but the “Three Amigos” majority was unwilling to make hard decisions to not spend unnecessary monies.
    “Personal accountability”? How many executive sessions have been held to make decisions impacting all citizens? How many of these should have been in front of the public during regular City Council meetings? The three incumbents like to hide behind the ambiguity of the state laws regulating open meetings.
    Let’s hope that Mrs. Prince doesn’t continue to lecture us Republicans on what Republican values are. And whatever they are, they DO NOT apply to City politics!

    1. Sid – Bottom line I’m a Republican here in Parker County and have always supported the Republican Party and have voted in the Republican primaries. I quit going to the Parker County Republican Party meetings because I felt like Ms. Prince was using it for her own agenda and not necessarily for the good of the Republican Party.

      There are a great many people like me that were active at one time in the Parker County Republican Party. We have since either made our own conservative Republican Party or have become involved in the Weatherford Tea Party.

      You see Sid the root of the issue really isn’t the Republican Party or the Democrat Party in the City Election. The root of the issue is about the good old boy system retaining power. Ms. Prince, the Weatherford Democrat, and others who shall remain nameless are a part of that system. For far to long this town has sacrificed the needs of the many for the needs of an elite few. Now that good old boy system is being challenged by Mr. Tarbay, Mr. Matthews, and Ms. Watson and they don’t like it at all. I would say that apparently these three are some very formidable opponents or there would not be as much of a fuss going on as you see now.

      I have watched Mr. Matthews for a long time and he has fought the good fight for the people of Weatherford. He has spoke out during many council meeting against higher taxes and higher utility rates. Most of what he has done can be seen in other blogs on this blog site. In my opinion he should have been on the City Council last year rather than Mr. James Hamilton. That is even more evident given the fact that the seat for Place 2 is now empty due to Mr. James Hamilton’s resignation. Mr. Hamilton left Weatherford by choice rather than by necessity. He could have finished out his term which would be up in May 2011 instead of leaving. It was terrible that he lost his job at Milsap but in my opinion he could have found another job here locally that would have enabled him to complete his term on the Council. Mr. Matthews’ tenacity alone should speak volumes regarding his genuine concern for Weatherford.

      I have watched Ms. Watson as well. She was very outspoken as the Chairman of the utility board. She always expressed a genuine concern for the people of Weatherford when it came to the other board members wanting to raise utility rates. I also remember Ms. Watson when she was a previous Mayor of Weatherford. The most important thing I remember about when she was Mayor was that she always operated the City in the black. It was never in the red like it is today.

      I have watched Mr. Tarbay as a Tea Party Member. He has always fought to make things better for our Nation and our State. He is well educated and has the personal drive and genuine concern to make things better for Weatherford.

      Mr. Waymon Hamilton, Mr. Craig Swancy, and Mr. Dennis Hooks need to go. They are not the stellar conservatives as Ms. Zan Prince would like to label them. Here’s why: (1) They voted to raise taxes while at the same time spending $3 million of your tax dollars on outside consultants. (2) They allowed the City employee pyramid to become top heavy by allowing the City Manager’s (Mr. Blaisdale and Ms. Fadden) to hire folks that would eventually make over $100,000 in gross annual salaries in a City with a population of just over 26,000 people. (3) They allowed Ms. Fadden to make the decision regarding the utility contract in 2008 versus making the decision themselves thereby costing all of us an arm and a leg in utility bills during that timeframe. (4) They would like you to believe the road projects are going according to schedule. Who’s schedule? Certainly not the people of Weatherford. Those road projects should have been started 10 years ago and they should have been finished prior to the new shopping centers being built along I20. (5) They cost us money once again last year when they had to pump water from lake Benbrook to Lake Weatherford. This should have never happened. They should have been calling for water conservation like the other Cities in the Metroplex instead of allowing the gas drilling companies to hook up to our water hydrants around the city to get millions of gallons of water for frac drilling wells.

      Weatherford needs folks on the Council that have vision, will listen to the people, will hold City Staff accountable for their actions, and will be fiscally conservative when it comes to managing your tax dollars. In my opinion those folks that fit this bill are Josh Tarbay, Eric Matthews, and Sherry Watson.

  2. Sir, We have not met. I would like to meet you. I have been a supporter of Mr. Mathews ever since I met him in 2007. I agree, he should already be on our city council. My interest in the city and it’s problems really started in 1994. I have been actively involved in city council races since that time. Your letter rang loud and long with truth. My hope is that more of our fellow citizens will hear that truth and speak in the voting booth. For too long there has been a history of “Social Voting” in our town. It is my hope that more of our fellow citizens think carefully before voting. WE are lucky to be able to get to know our candidates in a more in depth fashion. Remember those whom you put in office have the “power” to choose all the rules you must abide by in your daily public life. That “power” is huge motivator for some personalities. Social prestige and the attainment of it are almost irresistable to some as well. This is the first time I have replied to a blog. I hope it is recieved in the positive spirit I offer it. Thanks for your time Joan Stokes

  3. […] Weatherford needs folks on the Council that have vision, will listen to the people, will hold City Staff accountable for their actions, and will be fiscally conservative when it comes to managing your tax dollars. In my opinion those folks that fit this bill are Josh Tarbay, Eric Matthews, and Sherry Watson. Reply […]

  4. What a ridiculous diatribe. That no proper representation of the voice and will of the people would ever properly be partisan… Why read another line of such nonsense? Ridiculous. When a political party absolutely represents the voice and the will of its constituents, it should rightly rise up, speak it’s case and defend the people. The fact that our political parties are so incredibly polarized requires no rocket scientist to determine the proper course. There is absolutely no way to be “non-partisan” unless you CHOOSE to remain totally ignorant to pretty much anything and everything.

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