Conservative Texas Legislators Start New Organization; Put People Before Party

by Phil King

(817) 596-8100

April 12, 2010


Today a group of conservative Texas legislators (myself included) have announced the roll out of a new conservative organization dedicated to 5 core principles relating to conservatism and limited government – Independent Conservative Republicans of Texas. The key to this organization is to keep elected officials accountable to the people. One of our core principles is to put people before party. Please read our press release at this link:

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  1. Kerri Rehmeyer

    Gosh the term “conservative Republican” is so overused. Seemed nearly all the candidates for various offices in Parker County claimed they were “conservative Republicans”. I’m so tired of the words…I want to see some action. What concrete steps are being taken?

    According to the below article, in a meeting on Saturday “We went right down the list … nullification, sovereignty resolution, the suit against the healthcare bill … and in the end it was silence, no answer,”

    Is this true?

    Texas Republicans won’t defend state sovereignty

    1. Kerri,
      We tried to pass a Tenth Amendment Resolution last spring in the TX Legislature – long before it was popular – and couldn’t even get the votes to pass a simple resolution. It was a very sad day when we couldn’t even muster the votes to acknowledge what was already in the Constitution.

      I would like nothing better than to have a special session of the TX Legislature this summer to push back against the Fed. But the reality is that there is no use in calling a special session until after the November election. Until the voters of TX remove a substantial number of Democrats from office we are simply stuck. In the TX Senate it takes a 2/3 majority vote, 21 Republicans. We only have 18. In the House it takes 76. We have 77 but, unfortunately, not all of our Republicans vote with the conservative Republicans.
      I serve on the board of an organization called the Texas Conservative Coalition and its research arm the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute ( & . We have been drafting legislation on many issues getting ready for the Legislature to convene in January. We have also been conducting Tenth Amendment Town Halls across TX. We had 600 attend in Plano and a good crowd in Austin a few weeks ago. We have rallies in Waco and San Antonio coming up soon. These are to garner grassroot support for our legislation.
      Believe me, you have some legislators in TX who are pouring their heart into this effort to promote individual liberties, personal responsibility, traditional TX values, property rights and free enterprise. Most are making a hard sacrifice being away from family and work (remember your TX Legislature is virtually an unpaid position, $600 per month even when in session full time as we will be January – May). Those who do it for the right reason consider it an honor and a sacrifice of love for our state and way of life.

      Thx, Phil King, State Rep, Weatherford

  2. to use the phrase “conservative republican” is an admission that the party is fragmented and disenfranchised!

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