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Never in my lifetime has Christianity been more serious in their pursuit of truth. Never have we been in such positions as families, as churches, and as a nation, that we not just wanted God to speak truth to us, but we needed him to speak truth to us. We are at a threshold of change in which a spirit of unrest is almost palpable. We are at a season in which the church could seize the moment and prove to be what would be seen as its finest hour. For this season God has a plan. If followed, this plan will, I believe, produce results of biblical proportions.

Just as God heard the cries of the Hebrew slaves in captivity under Pharaohs rule, God has heard the cries of America. If, like Moses,  we’ll respond, God will also lead us out and into a new phase of freedom. Nearly three years ago I had a dream, and in it He showed me a classroom full of students strategizing in regards to the seven mountains that influence society. These institutions are Family, Religion, Government, Education, Media, Arts/Entertainment, and Commerce.

Scientists will take several petri dishes and create various scenarios to prove which conditions will create certain and predetermined outcomes. When God is minimized or removed from the majority of the seven institutions, or mountains, that create the culture within the petri dish it’s easy to determine what the outcome will be within that petri dish or “culture.” It’s time for Christians to address the fact that the seven institutions that create the environment in which we live MUST be taken back, and we must do it now.

This conference has been assembled for those who want to see Christianity move from functioning as a subculture within the current broken and non-biblical model to seeing God move into models that do not confine Him, His plan or His people. There is a plan that God has for His people, but to get His people out of Egypt, we must get Egypt out of His people. The focus will be seeking out what is God’s original intent for the mountains that influence culture, how ground was lost over time, and what the strategies are for reclaiming the high ground. This is a season  to connect the generations instead  of dividing them.  This is a season to  create a synergy that can be sustained to result in long-term multi-generation change.  We feel that we have assembled a team of speakers and facilitators who can, with spiritual insight and real world experience, help us hear what God is saying to the body of Christ in this season of awakening and reformation.

The conference will consist of five sessions April 9-11. Friday night will be a 7:00-9:30 session. Saturday will consist of three sessions: 9:00-11:30; 2:00-5:30; and 7:00-9:30. The final session,  a time of impartation and sending out, will be Sunday evening at 7:00-9:30. The conference will be free, but advanced registration will be required.  The event is geared to young people and adults. A nursery for ages 0-2 will be provided.

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Learn more by going to http://7mountainsinstitute.org/


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  1. Dear Christian Believers, and friends. I too am a Christian. I remember the events that led to where America is now, and why it is. Economically speaking, in 1999, America had a large surplus in reserve. When George W. Bush was appointed sitting President in 2000, Americas prestige started slipping. Then in 2001, a “so -called” terrorist attack blackened Americas
    future, for nearly a decade. With the historic election, and Inaguration in January of 2009, the repair work began for deregulation of vertually every program that held our economy intact. Cuts in healthcare programs for the poor and needy, and in nursing homes and hospitals. Tax cuts for the elite, and an Enron like climate that perpuated the Wall Street, Federal Reserve, and Banksters Theft of Americans jobs,and retirements investments, and over 3 million homes. Bush and his cronies started this downfall of just about everything, and now President Obama is left, trying to pick up the pieces.
    I too look for some kind of a saving grace about what has been done to America. Those that pocketed all the money and deposited it in foreign countries and preumpted a war with our security may think they are scott free. Justice will eventually prevail, and all their greed and avaress will be brought to account. If Armageddon is hastened by all these events, well good riddens. i believe all the corrupt individuals, will be destroyed. You may rent the movie at your video store,called “2012.”It may be true. We all need to pray, for America to be made whole again,if it can.

  2. Mr. Yeary,

    I believe all Christians would agree with the importance of prayer. I believe however, that God expects us to clean up the messes we create. We can all identify the problem. All I ever hear you do is state the obvious, but I never hear you propose a solution. And although I almost always disagree with your reasoning as to why our problems exist, I defend your right to speak your mind. Just wish you and your like-minded fellow citizens would do something besides complain and wait for someone else to pay your way.

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