Onerous health care mandates coming our way

by Phil King

Please find a short summary of the onerous mandates that the recently passed federal health care legislation is going to put into place and the impact of those mandates.  We must educate ourselves, our families, and our friends on this issue so that we may fight it more effectively.

2 responses

  1. You know, it seems to me most of the people protesting the National Healthcare bill, are rabedly
    protective of their Social Security,VA Benefits,Unemployment benefits,and so many programs sponsored by the United States Government. It seems so like many Republicans are anxious to protect their security,but do not care if 46 million other Americans have any security at all. The low income and middle class was steamrolled by 8 years of greed and tax cuts for the elite. It is time the tables were turned. all I can say is what the Supreme Court Judge said to the American public, who complained about the Supreme Court decision appointing George Bush Sitting President, in the 2000 Election. He said “Get Over It” George W.Bush was never elected President in 2000 or 2004. Diabold and ES&S voting machines stole the 2004 election by hacking and preprograming software, in 2004. Sorry, paybacks are a “you know what !!!”

  2. Darwin… You have no common sense that I can detect. Why is a rejection of new socialist programs a problem? I am not selfish – and shame on you for insinuating that I am, I choose to give away a large portion of my income to support charities. What we are paying for in the Healthcare plan is a trillion dollars going into washington DC – the federal government is not a charity, and you are quite ignorant if you cant see that.. It is filled with people making more money than those in the private sector, who cannot be fired, who have massive wage and retirement benefits that far outstrip their counterparts in the private sector. That is what we dont need, more government beaurocrats. This plan to insure 12 million (not 46 million as you say) is being done in the most ineficient and most expensive method ever concieved in the history of the world! why shold we oppose that? Gee, I wonder why? Its not the needy who are going to get the help. Its the fatsos in Washington that will take that money and blow it just tlike they have with Social security. Get a clue!

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