Update on ObamaCare fiasco by Governor Haley Barbour

From: Governor Haley Barbour

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 22:49:49 -0500

Subject: Quick But Important Update


Governors and Chiefs of Staff, Candidates and Campaign Managers:

I wanted to quickly update you on the latest news regarding health care.

The reconciliation bill was released yesterday, and not surprisingly, they managed to make an already bad bill worse.  Please continue to make the case about why your state can’t afford this health care bill. The House is expected to vote on Sunday, and it is important we continue to impact the debate. As you can read in the attached whip count memo, passage is not yet certain.

I have also attached the latest information regarding the most egregious provisions of the bill, and I have highlighted below a particularly offensive job-killing provision that the reconciliation bill made even more devastating.

Job Killing Provisions: The reconciliation bill nearly triples the penalty on small businesses who don’t offer health care insurance to their employees from $750 to $2000 per employee and applies these taxes to part-time as well as full-time workers.  The reconciliation bill also includes an unprecedented extension of the Medicare tax to all non-wage income.  These tax increases will raise the top marginal rate on small business owners by 20 percent and the top tax rate on investment income by 60 percent – discouraging the activity needed to grow the economy and create new jobs. These provisions will decimate small businesses and cost your state jobs – at the worst possible time.

Congress has been flooded this week with nearly 100,000 calls per hour, and I hope you will continue to do everything you can to pressure the Congressman in your state. I have no doubt that the American people are on our side and appreciate everything we can do to stop this legislation.




Note: Please review the following documents which were attached to Governor Barbour’s email:

Budget Gimmicks

Tax Changes to the Senate Health Care Bill

Whip Memo

Making a Bad Bill Worse

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  1. This is not a problem………….I have every confidence that Texas and our esteemed PUBLIC SERVANTS such as Perry, King, Estes etc will just do a stern, effective 10th Amendment nullification, on this issue and others, so blantly Unconstitutional……………………

    Right ???

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