County Judge Mark Riley makes County Government totally transparent

Kudos to County Judge Mark Riley for following through with his commitment to make County Government totally transparent to all Parker County citizens.

You can now go to and examine the official 2009-2010 Adopted Budget, 2008 Certified Annual Financial Report, Check Register and Budget Charts.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of County Judge Mark Riley, you can now read Commissioners Court’s agenda and minutes.  You can now follow the actual weekly activities of Commissioners Court, and see how your own Commissioner voted on issues that may be of interest to you.

Thank you Judge Riley, for keep your promise to make County Government totally transparent!

4 responses

  1. Wait until citizens realize how much money is being completely wasted and misappropriated on the so called office of emergency management. They do a good job of glad-handing and spin-doctoring, but it is big fat waste, and when the money trail gets followed it is going to find its way from the Department of Homeland Security through a meandering path back to Riley’s campaign funds.

    1. show me the trail sir. You have very little to say unless you can print the path for your apparent assumption.

  2. Will the people of Parker County ever wake up? We have a plat office that was started because a friend of Riley needed a job. Now when we need budget cuts and the commissioners used to do the platting office job with not problems it can’t be closed because it would put someone out of a job.

    How many of us have lost jobs because of the economy and our companies needed to cut back employees. It’s hard but it had to be done.

    The residents of Parker County can no longer afford the Good Ole Boy system of politics.

  3. The plat office is an offense to me as well, but how about the do nothing county treasurer. his secretary writes the checks, Haven’t figured all this out yet but, I understand the treasurer has lost a good portion of their responsibility in ’09 or first part of ’10. Let me know if you know how that happened.

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