Colleague praises Renfro’s abilities

by Joey Howington


I have never met Mr. Wallis so I can’t speak to his character and or ability.  However, I have known Dusty Renfro for many years and did have the privilege of working with him at NAI Huff Partners.  He’s a special person.

Working at Huff Partners I realized how talented he is.  Many people in the brokerage / development business consider him to be one of the brightest young minds in N. Texas.  He’s the kind of guy you go to when you hit a dead end…  I personally saw him achieve high levels of success in the brokerage business while building a development company from scratch.  He feels like there’s nothing he can’t accomplish and the people who have been around him feel the same way.  I guess you don’t get his resume’ with any other mind set.

Personally, he’s a great guy.  He has strong Christian beliefs that go back to him leading bible studies while playing in the NFL to his current involvement with First Baptist Aledo.    He has a strong moral compass and I’ve never seen or heard of him doing anything questionable.  He stands up for what is right as he did with his dispute with the Carolina Panthers (which he won).

I was surprised when he said that he was running for office…  He truly doesn’t need the job and never mentioned political ambitions.  That said, he recently explained to me how irritated he’s become with our government and wanted to do his part to make a difference.  I have no doubt that he will be successful in this venture if elected.

Joey Howington

Resident of Precinct 4

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  1. Gee, this recommendation is real. We have found our candidate! Where can I get a yard sign?

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