County Judge summarizes accomplishments and looks forward to 2010

To Parker County Citizens:
It is with great excitement and anticipation that I look forward to beginning 2010. I have been honored to serve as your County Judge for eleven years. As I enter the final year of my term, it is also the beginning of campaign season. The Republican Primary is March 2, 2010.
During my service as judge, Parker County has experienced explosive growth. The single most important issue facing the county has been transportation. In early 2008, we employed the services of an engineering firm to develop a transportation plan. By August of that year, after meeting for many hours with citizens, school districts and cities, the plan was a reality. In November 2008, the voters overwhelmingly approved the bond election.
As a member of the Regional Transportation Council (RTC), I am pleased that Parker County received additional funding in the amount of $13 million from the RTC to enhance what the voters authorized.This money is not a loan. Work began seven months after the election. Some projects are complete, others continue to move forward. While road construction is inconvenient and never moves quickly enough, the pace at which this project has moved is considered unprecedented by many professionals. We have created a partnership with TXDOT, the RTC, cities and school districts and that has been important to our success.
Our engineering firm and I have personally met with the Federal Highway Administration in Washington to inform them of our projects that will connect to the Federal Highway System. That meeting will be important when we have to discuss environmental issues and other matters involved in connecting with the highways.
Your tax dollars are always a concern of mine. My budgets have been prudent, conservative and responsible. Parker County was recently recognized by the Texas State Comptroller for being one of two counties (there are 254) that have met the criteria for a “Gold Star” award for transparency in government. Our bond rating has been upgraded to a AA-. That upgrade will save taxpayers over $600,000.00 in interest on the transportation bond.
There are many other positive things that we have accomplished. I want to invite you to contact me by email, by regular mail at the address below,  or by phone, 817-584-8902 if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for taking the time to read this message.  Your past support and future support is appreciated.
Mark Riley
County Judge
Pol. ad paid for by Mark Riley Campaign, J Riley Treasurer, P O Box 66, Weatherford, Tx 76086

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  1. Cary mcKay for Judge

    Well since its finally here and there are obviously concerned citizens I would like to extend an invitation to Judge Mark Riley for a “open to the public” debate.
    The people need to know who should lead this county in the coming years and I think it would help. So contact me at 817-613-7188. Thanks please let me know as soon as possible…

    1. From Jack Cavenah,

      I would like to take this opportunity to express my approval of Cary Mc Kay for County Judge. He is a true Republican Conservative, unlike the current office holder, who has been there too long. Citizen Comment will never be a part of Commissioners’ Court as long as Mark Riley is sitting in the Judge’s chair, because he just can’t stand constructive criticism. I have been to many Comm. Court meetings when citizen comment was in effect, and have never experienced any hostile remarks directed at the Court.
      Reinstate this freedom of speech portion and by all means, let’s have a candidate debate.

  2. I would like to know why Mark Riley refused to look at facts on an issue that limited property use rights of Parker County residents.

    I will be voting for Cary McKay. He is an honorable candidate who will look at all sides of an issue and look at facts in each issue.

    I was very impressed with Cary McKay at a county commissioner’s mtg. when he pointed out that they took more time discussing and researching a computer program on how to make an agenda than they did on the issue that would affect all residents of Parker County.

  3. Campaign Chicanery is alive and well in Parker County!

    Friends I wanted to make you aware of the type of underhanded things that are going on in your County Campaign.

    It seems someone has hacked into Judge Riley’s Website on three different occasions. Simply put I think that whoever has to resort to those types of tactics is a coward and doesn’t deserve to win. People who do those types of things are only showing how weak they truly are and that they cannot win by simply standing on the issues and letting the people decide. Judge Riley should feel honored. The culprit or culprits that have to resort to those type of tactics cannot stand on the issues alone and feel they must use Subterfuge to win

    Let me quote a true leader. This comes from the Ten Principles for Success, Leadership at the point of a Bayonet. —-Major Dick Winters, Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. —” A leader must: (1) Strive to be a leader of character, competence, and courage. (2) Lead from the front. Say “Follow me!” and then lead the way. (3) Stay in top physical shape- physical stamina is the root of mental toughness. (4) Develop your team. If you know your people, are fair in setting realistic goals and expectations, and lead by example, you will develop teamwork. (5) Delegate responsibility to your subordinates and let them do their jobs. You can’t do a good job if you don’t have a chance to use your imagination and creativity. (6) Anticipate problems and prepare to overcome obstacles. Don’t wait until you get to the top of the ridge and then make up your mind. (7) Remain humble. Don’t worry about who receives the credit. Never let power or authority go to your head.
    (8) Take a moment of self reflection. Look at yourself in the mirror every night and ask yourself if you did your best. (9) True satisfaction comes from getting the job done. The key to a successful leader is to earn respect, not because of your rank or position, but because you are a leader of character. (10) Hang tough! – Never, ever, give up.

    My message for the culprit or culprits who resort to chicanery and underhanded tactics to win is “grow up and take a lesson from a true leader!!!!” – MAJ Dick Winters, U.S. Army war hero!.

  4. Judge Riley you have my vote!!! Keep up the great work!

  5. I find it hard to believe that anyone has to hack into Judge Riley’s website to make disparaging remarks about him or anyone else. Attending a few Commissioners Cout meetings would open anyone’s eyes to the fact that Judge Riley has his own interests above the County’s and needs to be replaced. Self-proclaimed war heroes don’t impress many folks either. Seems as though Judge Riley’s supporters like to beat their own drum as much as he does. NOT IMPRESSED.
    Jack Cavenah, Concerned Citizen

    1. Wow. It so hard for me to understand someone that can’t appreciate a soldier…. hmm. For if it were not for them, well, quite frankly, WE WOULD NOT HAVE THE FREEDOMS OF SPEECH, LIBERTY, NOR THE ABILITY TO UTILIZE THEM TO CRITICIZE OTHERS!! I am NOT IMPRESSED WITH THOSE WHO SO CASUALLY BANTER ABOUT NOT BEING IMPRESSED WITH A SOLDIER WHO HAS GONE TO COMBAT. That soldier, I MIGHT ADD, WENT INTO HARMS WAY, PREPARED TO LAY DOWN HIS LIFE IF NEED BE, for my and your way of life. WHAT EXACTLY HAVE YOU DONE to even remotely compare? My guess is, NOT MUCH! It is one thing to express your opinion, but I will be danged if I will stand by and allow someone to criticize a soldier, especially a combat, AND highly decorated soldier of WWII like Major Dick Winters, (god bless and rest his soul). Here is to all the soldiers, and Major Dick Winters, WHOOOAHHH, AIRBORNE Sir!!!

  6. Mr. Cavenah —

    I wrote the above piece not MAJ Dick Winters. I was simply hammering home the point that MAJ Dick Winters is a true leader in my book. I believe Judge Riley epitomizes his ten principles. Do you know who MAJ Dick Winters is? He is not a self proclaimed war hero trust me. He is a WWII Veteran that fought honorably in many campaigns as the leader of one of the greatest heroic military units during WWII. Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. Here is a little about MAJ Winters just so you know. Major Richard D. Winters (born January 21, 1918) is a former United States Army officer and decorated war veteran. He commanded Company “E”, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, during World War II.

    Company E, also known as “Easy Company” (per the contemporary Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet), parachuted into Normandy in the early hours of D-Day, and fought across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and eventually into Germany. Later in the war, Winters rose to command the 2nd Battalion. Following the end of hostilities Winters was discharged from the army and returned to civilian life, working in New Jersey.

    In 1951, during the Korean War, Winters was recalled to the Army from the inactive list and briefly served as a regimental planning and training officer on staff at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Although issued orders for deployment, he was not sent to Korea. After discharge he worked at a few different jobs before founding his own company and selling farming products.

    Winters has been featured in a number of books and was portrayed in the 2001 HBO mini-series Band of Brothers by Damian Lewis. He has been a regular guest lecturer at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He retired in 1997 and lives on a farm in Pennsylvania.

    Here is a list of his medals: Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star with one Oak Leaf Cluster,
    Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation with one Oak Leaf Cluster, American Defense Service Medal
    European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 3 service stars and arrow device, World War II Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal
    National Defense Service Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Badge with 2 jump stars,
    Medal of the City of Eindhoven. —-You still think MAJ Winters is a self proclaimed war hero?

    1. Your duplicity in signing HIS name to your article is what I find unimpressive. His name is hardly a “household” item. I have never heard of him, but would never think of disrespecting anyone in our Armed Forces. All three of my children, my siblings, and my parents served honorably, and I would have also, but was turned down because I was building
      F4 fighter aircraft.
      Jack Cavenah

    2. Thank you Mr. Matthews, for defending Maj. Winters.

      How could someone misunderstand “Let me quote a true leader”. What is ambiguous about that?

      Somehow I missed the “duplicity”. You took full responsibility when you began your post with your name – “Eric Matthews, on January 28th, 2010 at 5:30 am Said”.

      Mr. Matthews, I always enjoy reading your comments. Please continue to speak out – you are making a difference.

      1. Thank you Isaac for your kind words.

  7. Kathy Chruscielski

    Congratulations to Judge Riley for winning the Weatherford Democrats’ online poll by an enormous margin (76 percent) over challenger Cary McKay.

    Obviously, the majority of voters appreciate Judge Riley’s leadership and integrity in facing the tough issues of Parker County.

  8. Winning a poll in a local newspaper where anyone can go from computer to computer to vote is not the true test of any political race. As the saying goes, “it ain’t over ’til it’s over” and it ain’t over! We will see who is favored after the March election. My support is on Cary McKay
    Jack Cavenah

  9. Hello,this is Kevin Rakestraw,just identified your web-site on google and i must say this blog is great.may I share some of the writing found in this web site to my local students?i’m not sure and what you think?in either case,Thank you!

  10. parkercountyblog

    Please feel free to copy whatever you find interesting and helpful. You and your students are welcome and encouraged to contribute to our blog.

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