Dusty Renfro running for Commissioner, Precinct 4

Dusty Renfro joins the race for County Commissioner, Precinct 4.  “I know I have no right to complain about the problems if I’m not willing to step up and get involved.  Recently, I’ve noticed many things that need fixing. I had to stand up and pay attention to what is going on,” Renfro said.

You can learn more about Dusty’s background and qualifications by clicking here.

Learn more about Dusty’s candidacy by reading the Weatherford Telegram’s December 16th article:

Former Longhorn player runs for commissioner by Brent Shirley.

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  1. Now this is a breath of fresh air – Webster will leave behind a mess. I will help scrub the office down before Renfro takes over!

  2. WOW!!! What an opportunity for Parker County. How often does an intelligent, successful and highly motivated young conservative with a degree in business agree to serve as County Commissioner? The good folks throughout Parker County, especially in Precinct 4 are fortunate to have a young man of Dusty’s caliber within their reach.

    Thank you Dusty Renfro, you are the kind of servant leader we desperately need on Commissioners Court!

  3. Dusty – If elected as County Commissioner for Precinct 4 can you describe some goals you would want to see the Commissioner’s Court work toward accomplishing that would be beneficial for Precinct 4 and Parker County?

    Do you have a facebook account, web site, or blog where the citizens of Parker County can view your campaign agenda and discuss issues with you?

  4. I was pleased to see the announcement that Mr. Renfro is running for my precinct. But – I do not know him, so I googled him and looked up all the info I could. I was most impressed. I called Mr. Renfro to ask the questions I wanted answered and found him to be very responsive. I will continue to weigh Mr. Renfro’s positions against Mr. Wallis’ before voting. At this time (mainly because of stand against the gun ordinance) my vote is leaning toward Mr. Renfro. It is exciting to have someone of his calibre running. I have also heard Mr. Webster is not going to run and that pleases me most.

    1. My concern is that.. I googled Mr Renfro, too..it appears that Mr Renfro sued his previous employer for Workers Compensation for a six year period over an alleged broken wrist. What happens if he got hurt on the job if elected Commissioner? Not sure he has even operated construction equipment of any kind. Don’t think Parker County could afford a potential law suit of this nature. This raises more concern. Wallis is still the best candidate for Commissioner, hands down with hands on experience.

      1. As for his ability to operate construction equipment – we’re not seeking to hire a construction equipment operator. He will have a foreman and equipment operators that are quite capable of filling potholes.

        Dusty Renfro has an immaculate lifelong record of success and achievement – quite unlike the other candidate to whom you refer.

      2. The injury and subsequent claim to which you refer was a career ending injury to Dusty Renfro, a professional football player for the Carolina Panthers.

        Had the courts not upheld his claim, your assertions might have merit.

        The indisputable fact is, Dusty Renfro received a career ending injury and was due compensation.

      3. Hahahaha…..commissioners don’t actually do the road work! They have crews to do the roads. Mr. Wallis must have written this post. Pro football teams owe they players coverage for injuries. Ro, you need join the 21st century. County Commissioner is a lot more that just ‘fixin the potholes’.

  5. This is merit enough.


    NO. COA04-1407

    Filed: 2 August 2005

  6. Ro, while you were out there rummaging around on the internet trying to dig up dirt on this decent honorable – and highly successful young man, did you happen to run across this –

    Filing Type FEDERAL TAX LIEN
    Court State TX
    Case No. 704027
    Amount $13,747
    Date Filed 2/6/2009
    Date Disposed ________________

    While you are busy digging up dirt – why don’t you try looking for ANYTHING that even suggests that “rimshot” Wallis has ever succeeded at anything. You might start by searching the Parker County Appraisal District’s website to see all the property Mason Wallis DOES NOT own. For someone who claims to have been a successful business owner for the past 25 years, why is there no tangible proof of “success” at anything? If he has been the success he claims, why is he living in rented house that was built in 1967? One would think he could do better. I do not blame Wallis for “job hunting” but I believe we can do better.

    1. I have made no decisions on who I’m supporting yet, I need more information about both candidates, which seems very hard to come by, but I’d really like to know what your real beef is with Wallis? It just seems you are going a little overboard. Believe me, I have no intention of getting into an argument with you, but whether a person owns a lot of land or rents an older home has absolutely nothing to do with their qualifications for a job. Judging people by their wealth is really a superficial and unfair way to assess their “worth”. In addition, supposedly “owing” the IRS (It’s Really Satan) money means nothing to me. Talk about a criminal organization.

      1. My comment has nothing to do with wealth. It has everything to do with honesty – promoting a false image of who you are and what you have accomplished. Do you want someone setting your tax rate who does not pay his own taxes?

  7. There seems to be some contradiction going on in this blog and not being used as intended. I, too would like to know what the real beef with Wallis is. Let’s stop with the name calling and grow up. Wallis is running for Commissioner and so is Renfro….that means BOTH are looking for a job.

    1. Marc, your point about name calling is well taken. Although I just repeated the nickname “rimshot Wallis” that is used on his rock band’s website – http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=309625912&albumID=255091&imageID=4776407, I should have known you and other readers would not know that. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  8. It has become very obvious to me that “Mark” and “RO”, whoever they may be, have never read the actual job descritpion for County Commissioner. I have!! There are two books that you need to read before you start expounding on qualifications for County Elected Offices. They are the Local Government Code and Local Elected Office Job Duties and Qualifications. They are available only at the TCU Law Library In downtown Ft. Worth. The Local Government Code is also available on line at the following website: http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/ ,under statutes.
    Jack Cavenah

    1. parkercountyblog

      – from the Texas Association of Counties website http://www.county.org/counties/desc_office/commiss.asp:

      Description of Office:
      County Commissioner

      The job of the county commissioner calls for hands-on service delivery as well as policy-making budget decisions.

      Four commissioners, each elected from a quarter of the county’s population, serve along with the county judge on the commissioners court. In addition to assuring that county roads are maintained, commissioners vote with the county judge to set the budget for all county departments and adopt a tax rate.

      Among other responsibilities, the commissioners court:

      * Sets the yearly property tax rate and approves the budget and employment level for the county;
      * Sets commissioners and justice of the peace precinct boundaries;
      * Calls, conducts and certifies elections, including bond elections;
      * Sets employment and benefit policy;
      * Establishes long-range thoroughfare, open space, land use, financial and law enforcement/jail needs plans;
      * Acquires property for rights-of-way or other uses determined to be in the public’s best interest;
      * Reviews and approve subdivision platting and wastewater treatment for rural areas;
      * Provides rural ambulance services and subsidizes rural fire protection;
      * Oversees the construction, maintenance and improvement of county roads and bridges;
      * Appoints non-elected department heads and standing committees;
      * Supervises and controls the county courthouse, county buildings and facilities;
      * Adopts a county budget;
      * Determines county tax rates;
      * Fills vacancies in elective and appointive positions; and
      * Has exclusive authority to authorize contracts in the name of the county.


    I agree, while I am not judging, I would like an expanded view of both candidates positions on the county budgets/tax rates (this is a big one), what kind of budgeting experience both have had, county law enforcement/jail/rural fire fighter/needs and positions on what each plan to do (this is a big one also). There is alot at stake here folks, we all need to do research, encourage the candidates to blog on here and expand their positions and tell us their positions. We need them to answer questions, honestly and throughly, and then, after listening, questioning, and weighing the options, can we decide.

  10. I have never met Mr. Wallis so I can’t speak to his character and or ability. However, I have known Dusty Renfro for many years and did have the privilege of working with him at NAI Huff Partners. He’s a special person.

    Working at Huff Partners I realized how talented he is. Many people in the brokerage / development business consider him to be one of the brightest young minds in N. Texas. He’s the kind of guy you go to when you hit a dead end… I personally saw him achieve high levels of success in the brokerage business while building a development company from scratch. He feels like there’s nothing he can’t accomplish and the people who have been around him feel the same way. I guess you don’t get his resume’ with any other mind set. Personally, he’s a great guy. He has strong Christian beliefs that go back to him leading bible studies while playing in the NFL to his current involvement with First Baptist Aledo. He has a strong moral compass and I’ve never seen or heard of him doing anything questionable. He stands up for what is right as he did with his dispute with the Carolina Panthers (which he won).

    I was surprised when he said that he was running for office… He truly doesn’t need the job and never mentioned political ambitions. That said, he recently explained to me how irritated he’s become with our government and wanted to do his part to make a difference. I have no doubt that he will be successful in this venture if elected.

    Joey Howington
    Resident of Precinct 4

  11. Interested Citizen

    Mark, I would like to know where the information on the tax lien can be found?


  12. To the “Interested Citizen”:

    The Federal Tax Lein against Mason Wallis was filed with the Parker County Clerk Febuary 6, 2009 – Case Number 704027.

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