ObamaCare Shell Game

by Art Helms

Please do not fall for the Reid/Pelosi/Obama shell game. The Senate Hatch-Nelson Amendment duplicates the House Stupak-Pitts Amendment. Both are copies of the 1977 compromised Hyde Amendment, which allowed annual tax funding of abortion. We have been funding abortion since 1971 (even before Roe). Neither of those Amendments will stop a single tax dollar from falling into the Planned Parenthood coffers. Neither will save a single baby from the abortionist’s tools of death. Most of the pro-life para-church organizations are being suckered into the shell game trap.

The game plays like this: A vote for the so-called “pro-life amendment” says that the so-called health care “reform” is OK so long as tax funding of abortion remains at “status-quo.” In this case, status-quo means Congress can continue funding abortion through “Title X“, and through various other hidden means.

Last year’s tax funding of abortion, status-quo was over $300 million. But in 2010, up to a billion more tax dollars will be fed into the International Federation of Planned Parenthood, and several millions more into the UN Population Control Fund, by presidential executive privilege. And, Title X will be increased, as it has grown every year since 1971.

Please, focus on stopping the entire ObamaCare abomination – not just on those phony amendments.

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