People of Weatherford! Note how your city councilmen Waymon Hamilton and Craig Swancy are handing out your tax money!

Doss Heritage and Culture Center

by Janelle Shepard

People of Weatherford! Note how your city councilmen Waymon Hamilton and Craig Swancy are handing out your tax money!

In a Tuesday night meeting characterized by name calling and desperation, the Weatherford City Council handed down an embattled decision to fund the Doss Heritage and Culture Center with hotel/motel tax money in fiscal year 2010.

The measure was opposed by councilmembers Jerry Clinton and James Hamilton, who both insisted the Doss’ accounting for past funding was sub-par, and their presentation to council did not warrant funding from a tight budget.

Contact council members at the following:

Clinton, Jerry
Council Member Place 1

Hamilton, Waymon
Council Member Place 3

Dennis Hooks

Hamilton, James
Mayor Pro Tem / Council Member Place 2

Swancy, Craig
Council Member Place 4

We need to be calling Jerry and James – thank you for looking out after our dollars!!

One response

  1. I am always amazed by the collective wisdom of ordinary Americans. Given complete and accurate information, voters generally make intelligent choices. We see an example of that right here in Weatherford.

    A silent majority watched as the inattention and/or incompetence in city government became intolerable. What they saw was an obvious disconnect between the things officials were saying and the things they were doing.

    Council members said “Trust me, we will spend your tax dollars wisely”. But instead they did the exact opposite by giving a $30,000 hand-out to the Doss Center – a tax exempt organization that would have you believe they cannot survive without being subsidized by your tax dollars.

    The Doss Center is not the problem. The problem in my view is unprincipled council members (including the Mayor) who cave in to political pressure or, are easily persuaded to give away our tax dollars by some organization’s sales pitch.

    I believe council members defy the will of the silent majority at their own peril! It was that silent majority who spoke with their votes during the last election when they fired two council members. They will speak again during the next election. At the end of the day, we will have a conservative city council –a council who will base all decisions on sound conservative principles; not on some knee jerk impulse or Quid Pro Quo.

    The voters obviously got it right when they elected James Hamilton and Jerry Clinton who voiced strong opposition to the tax dollar give-away to the Doss Center. They have demonstrated by their actions that they base their decisions on sound logic and conservative principles.

    The silent majority shall speak again and council members will not need an interpreter to understand “recall petition”!

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