Taxpayers did not ask for this

Doss Heritage and Culture Center

Doss Heritage and Culture Center

Weatherford City Council:
Please consider the state of the economy, the state of your budget and the state of what is the appropriate role of government.
The Doss Museum should be a privately funded and supported institution.  The use of city money to promote this museum is not what tax payers choose.  If a tax payer wants to support the museum, they have every right to send them a check.   Government, however, is to provide services other entities cannot provide.  Law enforcement and roads come to mind.    Museums, no.
$50,000?   The taxpayers did not ask for this.
by Bluebabe

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  1. Thank you bluebabe (whoever you are) for drawing attention to this lunacy! Is it because of inefficient management and an incompetent Board of Directors, that the Doss Heritage and Culture Center (DHCC) has failed to attract a sufficient number of donors and members? Is that the reason DHCC cannot sustain itself? Is that why the Doss Heritage and Culture Center, a 501 (c) 3 (non tax-paying entity), feels compelled to come to the city and ask for a tax dollar hand-out?

    If it is not incompetence on the part of the Board of Directors and its management (and I don’t think it is), then why is the DHCC not capable of sustaining itself? If it cannot support itself by attracting a sufficient number of donors and members, and with admission fees, is it because there is simply not enough public interest? Why is that?

    Has the Doss Center produced any documentation to show the number of “out of town” visitors that have visited the Doss Center? Aren’t the out of town visitors the only people who pay the hotel/motel tax? Is it not the hotel/motel tax dollars that the Doss Center is trying to acquire? If the Doss Center has actually brought business into Weatherford, where is their proof? If the Doss Center cannot even obtain sufficient support from local citizens, why should we believe their claim that they are drawing new business to Weatherford.

    Trust but verify.

    By not supporting the Doss Center, the tax-paying public has already spoken. We are saying “NO! We are not interested in subsidizing you’re non-tax paying entity with our tax dollars.” What’s in it for the tax payer?

    We, the tax payers of Weatherford are the voters who replaced two city council members during the last election. We are now watching to ensure each city council member bases ALL decisions on sound conservative principles; not some knee jerk impulse or because some “good ole boy” supports an issue. We hold the Mayor and council members directly accountable for the manner in which they handle our taxes. And don’t assume for a second that because you are a member of city government who is not elected, that the voting public cannot deal quite effectively with you – ask Jennifer Fadden!

  2. I’m in complete agreement Bluebabe and Lenny. No 501 (c) 3 should be receiving taxpayer dollars. Not even for so-called faith-based initiatives. We should be able to decide as private citizens who deserves our charity. This is nothing more than “legalized” theft in my opinion.

    1. parkercountyblog

      Thanks for you comment Kerri.

  3. wow!! The new Weatherford City Council members are doing what they campaigned on! Refreshing:

    “Most notably, the council decided to dramatically decrease the amount of funding the Doss Center will receive, from last year’s $30,000 to a mere $1,000. The Doss Center recently requested an increase in funding, to $50,000.

    “These entities are competing for limited funding in that hotel/motel tax fund,” he said. “The pie is shrinking, and we have to look very seriously at the performance of all these organizations in the past. The goal is always to put more heads in beds.”

    Hamilton said he felt the “competition” was based not only on analysis of past performance, but also on the quality of presentation each organization made to the council about their funding needs.

    “As a teacher, I see it as grading,” he said. “If I give Tammy Gazzola with the Chamber an A for her informative presentation, then I have to give John (Scovil, Doss Center Executive Director) an F. He just didn’t tell us what he’s really done with the money in the past, and specifically what he’d do with it in the future.”

    1. not really….did you see today’s article.
      More people in Weatherford need to be at the next City Council meeting to fight this, otherwise YOUR tax dollars will be going to the Doss Center, I’m sure.

      Look at this quote “I want to thank you for your support of the Doss Center over the years,” said Zan Prince. “We appreciate what you’ve done in the past, and ask that you do the same in the future.”

      Ha! Spending other people’s money IS NOT conservative. I suggest Zan Prince and the others that want the Doss Center to have $30,000 – $50,000 donate the money themselves. If they feel so strongly, I’m sure they could hold a fundraiser and raise it, right?

  4. I wasn’t even looking for this page but was delighted to find it. My husband was the executive director of the Doss Center when they received their first check from the city council and he was given explicit instructions by then City Manager Bill Davis to use it to put “heads in beds” When he got back to the Doss Center, Doss Center president Ann Saunders and Civic Development Director Roy Joe Grogan instructed my husband to use it to pay bills. My husband felt he had no choice but to do what was told of him by his bosses. He was fired two months later and is now on the city council. He too questions, why if they have hired an amazing fundraiser and the centers’ namesake who made over 800 million dollars on the sale of Texas Bank are now coming back to the city and asking for even more money. Ask 10 people in this town where the Doss Center is and about 8 will say “what are you talking about” unless of course you are one of those wealthy elites that are part of the Doss Center board. Please see my letter to the editor in the next Weatherford Telegram in defense of my behavior at the last city council meeting. If you believe that the Doss Center does not deserve this funding, then please come to the city council next Tuesday and voice your opinion. Please come. Just because the last city council gave the Doss money and never asked what they were doing for it doesn’t mean it has to happen and the current council needs to hear that. Use your voices please..

  5. This is great feedback, thanks! it would be very helpful for people to attend the City Council meetings and make their opinions known. There may be a “silent majority” out there, but as long as you’re silent, we’ll never know it. The next Council meeting is at City Hall on Tuesday 8/25 at 6:30 pm. See you there!

  6. The Doss Center without submitting any actual documentation on what they have done with the funds from the city; once again got their funding. Mayor Hooks, Councilman Craig Swancy and Council Waymon Hamilton, the three that gave them money last year once again voted to give them the money this year. The Doss Center leadership was supposed to come to the city council meeting tonight with a detailed list of how they spent the monies and they didn’t. Yet those three still voted to give them the 30K. It is unacceptable.

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