Is term limits the solution – absolutely!

Lenny_Leatherman(200)by Lenny Leatherman

On the page entitled “What’s happening in Parker County”, Glenn comments that term limits would likely solve many of our problems.

I agree.  I see no other way to stop this downward spiral into socialism!  Unfortunately, term limit legislation must be approved by those whose terms would be limited. Although everyone including self-serving politicians would ultimately benefit, the same desire for notoriety and power that drove them to run for office will likely cause many to stand in opposition to real reform.

We have a few honorable men in office now, but at some point they will leave to pursue other interests.  My concern is with career politicians like the Chris Dodds and Barney Franks who have an extraordinary amount of power.  They routinely seek to disregard the Constitution and force their own socialist will on America.

So where do we start?  Do we go to our elected officials and ask them to eliminate their own positions of power?  The task is monumental – and made even more difficult by crafty politician who promise gullible self-centered voters something “free”.

Freedom is not free!  Thomas Jefferson said: “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of every generation”.  It seems as though freedom that is earned by one generation is often squandered by the next.  Sadly, older Americans who have “watered the tree of liberty with their own blood” are often looked upon as being out of touch and unable to adapt.  Could it be possible, that they are still watering the tree by fighting your apathy and your complacency?  I implore you – stand up and speak up before it’s too late.  You cannot make a difference by remaining silent.

To what extent are you willing to defend the Constitution?  What measure of courage does it take to cast a secret ballot? I am of the belief that we deserve the officials we elect.

If we elect tyrants why should we be surprised when they behave like tyrants?

I urge you to find like-minded patriots who are involved politically in your community and educate yourself on the issues of the day. Become a part of the solution.  Let’s start a revolution that conservatives can win at the ballot box.  We may not change the world but we can change Parker County and Texas.  America may take a little longer!

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  1. I used to be a big proponent of term limits, but now I think it is an infringement on my rights. We can limit terms EVERY election day! We saw that in 1994.

    I wish Reagn could have served as long as FDR. If not for term limits…..think what might have been.

    After watching government and participating up close, I believe term limits give motivation to the lifelong government employees who know they can OUTLAST the elected officials. It seems the bureaucrats become the policy makers / spenders / budget magicians / and control the backroom lobbyist deals.

    When elected officials know they have to answer to the voters, you don’t get LAME DUCK representation when you really need LEADERSHIP. We saw this with BUSH in his 2nd term.

    I agree Lenny, we deserve who we elect! People need to wake up and take our responsibility as informed citizens seriously. That means being ready for every election and LIMIT the TERM – its called accountability.
    It happens every election.

  2. Kerri Rehmeyer

    I tend to agree with Janelle on this. WE should be limiting the terms by throwing the sorry rats out. Americans have gotten very lazy and dumbed down in recent history, but I see the tide turning. I believe people have had enough and are getting to the point where we join together and say we won’t take it anymore. With every new unconstitutional “gov’t program or policy” we get closer to that point. It’s up to us to hold these politicians accountable, because they certainly won’t do it for us. We must strive to be truly educated, informed and active and we can begin to restore our republic and stop the erosion of America. There are a few elected officials that deserve to be re-elected, and I see a lot more liberty-minded people stepping up to the plate and deciding to run for different offices against the odds. We must truly support these people and not just sit back and hope by some chance they can win or we will end up with more of the same. If any elected official is not protecting your freedoms and unalienable rights at every turn…DO NOT allow them back into office. Stand up for yourself and speak out. If not you, who? If not now, when?

    1. Kerri, I am encouraged by everything I hear you say! I believe you are an excellent spokesman for your generation and I cannot disagree with anything I have heard you say. Your zeal and your passion are inspirational!

      Among my generation there is/was a common saying, “Put up or Shut up”. My question to you is – Are you willing to put action with your words by running for office – County Commissioner perhaps? I believe you would be surprised at the amount of support you would have.

      1. Kerri Rehmeyer

        Thank you for the kind words Lenny. As far as running for office, I have a LOT to learn before I can consider doing that, but it is certainly not out of the question at some point. My main objective at the moment is education of myself and others locally. To me, education attacks the root of the problem. Once people are exposed to the facts about the treasonous cartel aka The Federal Reserve everything else begins to fall into place. Even Glenn Beck admitted that the Federal Reserve was more secret than the CIA. Here is a clip from Glenn Beck’s radioshow discussing it:

        JFK warned us about secrecy in an open society in this powerful speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association in 1961:

        The point is that all of this secrecy prevents your average American from being informed enough to be truly free and independent.

  3. I have an enormous amount of respect for Janelle who is far wiser and much more knowledgeable on political matters than I, and I am certain there are strong arguments both for and against term limits. And like Janelle, I recently changed my opinion concerning term limits. Until recently I stood in fierce opposition to term limits. I held the opinion that voters had the power to limit terms in office of officials who are found to be corrupt or incompetent.

    Unfortunately, Congress and the Senate became a bastion for career politicians who thrive on the power of incumbency, the irresistible influence of big money and their entanglement with labor and teachers unions.

    If term limits were in place, Joe Biden would not be Vice President– a heartbeat away from the presidency. Biden was a Senator from a state that is smaller in land mass than the city limits of San Antonio. How did he become VP, and what could have prevented it?

    In ’94 Newt Gingrich made term limits a part of his “Contract with America” because the idea had such broad appeal with voters. While I am convinced the idea is still enormously popular with Americans, I recognize the near impossibility of term limits becoming the law of the land.

    In his essay entitled Getting Government Back Into the Hands of the People (posted elsewhere on this blog), Thomas Paine poses an interesting alternative. It is will worth your time to read.
    What can we do here in Parker County that will make a tangible difference in the lives of our children and our grandchildren? We can start by learning everything we possibly can about candidates for office BEFORE we elect them to positions of influence and power. Had we done that, I am certain we would not have elected some of our County office holders whom we now look upon with disgust!

  4. Bravo!, Lenny! Well said and to the point.

    Although I would like to see what Janelle asks of the voting public, it is obvious that it is not happening. One of the most egregious reasons is a media that is complicit with the activities that are most dangerous to our freedoms. Unfortunately, the story as reported by the mainstream news media is usually only a convenient portion of the truth. And since the majority of the people out there rely on this news source, true education of a situation is rarely realized. It is only when a politician steps over a line that “they” (the media) dubs as important that it even gets reported and, even then, the bias is almost always obvious to those who have chosen to seek out information from alternate sources. For example: Was there even any reporting of the Texas State School Board voting to remove the “weaknesses of evolution” from our textbooks? And if there was, where was the outcry? The number of “good” politicians who have been prohibited from serving further in a particular office is negligible. In fact, they are not prohibited by term limits from seeking office in another capacity and so could continue to serve and influence things if they chose too remain politically active. So the best possible ally for enforcing “term limits” is not to look to the voters, but to legislatively design and enforce term limits upon each and every person currently and prospectively in office.

    In response to Janelle’s comments regarding the “lifelong government employees”, I can agree to a point on this issue although I see the lobbyists as at the root of this particular problem more than those empolyees. Perhaps we need the same attention by our elected officials to the “freedom” with which lobbyists pursue their goals ending with subsequent legislation limiting their boundaries as well. I am not a proponent of more legislation but if the politicians are not going to individually hold the lobbyists feet to the fire and stop accepting the “bribery” , and the people do not take the time to educate themselves regarding their political representatives and thereby replace them at election time, legislation is the last line of defense.

    I believe that education is the key to “change” and if anyone can find the financial support, I will be the first to be on board with taking it to the people. However, it has been my experience that “most” of those people either don’t want to hear it or don’t prioritize it and, many times, they walk away “educated” but not motivated.

    So we begin at the local level – one man/woman at a time – through education and take back our local government. Right now that is a daunting task but I see many more activists getting involved and I am hopeful, with God’s help, that we can improve our time here – one elected official at a time.

  5. Such a great discussion! I know it is so easy to be cynical, but most people don’t wake up to become activists until they feel real pain somewhere.

    I’m committed to teaching my kids and grandkids about the importance of liberty and the Constitution. Then we must be willing to support those candidates with our pocketbooks and hard work.

    Elections are not won by just voting. The lobbyists win if they invest more than we do. I know a lot of hard working candidates who understand WE ARE LOBBYISTS TOO. We are lobbying for freedom and the future!

    So will the current culture produce enough pain for people to work for change? Apparently the last election motivated people to vote for a charismatic star.

    The internet is now OUR media. We have to use it to overcome the MainStreamMedia.

    (I may have been dreaming last night, but I think I saw some tougher questions for the president in his news conference….maybe the MSM reporters are realizing how stupid and gullible they look)

    Yes, we can do this – one man/woman at a time – the next election may prove we can LIMIT TERMS.

    1. Thanks Janelle for your enthusiasm and your positive attitude. I’ll be right in there with you – fighting for our constitution and all that it stands for – exercising my lobbying rights and implementing term limits. Have a blessed day!

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