Unwilling to have this vaccine tested on my children

by Carrie Hurd

In 1976 President Gerald Ford predicted that the new Swine Flu would be a world-threatening pandemic.  Television ads frightened American citizens and 46 million dutifully took the shot.  That flu shot was blamed for triggering three hundred deaths, and 4,000 injuries.  Only about 200 cases of swine flu and one death were ultimately reported.

Today, Gardasil, the vaccine given to girls and young women since 2006 to prevent common causes of cervical cancer, has resulted in 47 deaths. In addition to the deaths, Gardasil is associated with 6,723 adverse events in 2008, including more than 1,000 considered serious and 142 resulting in life-threatening complications according to Judicial Watch.  These numbers are believed to be only 1% of the actual complications that go unreported.  Canada suspended the use Gardisil but it is still being recommended for girls as young as 11 years of age here in the U.S.

As of July 9th, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the Obama administration began contacting state health workers and American schools, warning them to be prepared for community flu shot programs. “We know a mass vaccination program of even modest scale will involve extraordinary effort on your part,” Sebelius told state health workers.

School children will be the first targeted to get this new vaccine.  From the website of the National School Board Association, “school-located vaccine (SLV) will be an important option to vaccinate many school-age children in a short period of time. Public health officials are looking to the schools as sites for mass vaccinations because private providers (e.g., pediatricians, family physicians) are unlikely to have the capacity to serve as primary vaccinators of school-aged children as rapidly as necessary”.

Specialty drug maker Baxter International Inc. says it’s in “full scale” production of a swine flu vaccine and has patented technology that cuts in half the usual time it takes to develop a vaccine – to about 13 weeks instead of 26. By the way, this is the same Baxter that “accidentally,” this winter of 2009, sent out 72 kilos of live “bird flu” to 16 laboratories in four countries. It was mislabeled for human vaccine use. Criminal charges have been filed against Baxter in Austria.

I don’t know about you, but I am unwilling to have this vaccine tested on my children.  Less than 500 people world-wide have died from the 2009 Novel Swine Flu and all the authorities admit that it has been very mild in most cases.  The deaths have been among individuals with already serious health issues.  I would much rather trust my child’s own immune system to fight off this virus than trust a pharmaceutical company, poised to make billions of dollars.  This is being sold to the American public so parents won’t have to be inconvenienced or miss work with their sick children.  I wonder how many of  them will wish later they had missed a few days work tending a child with a mild virus than dealing with serious or life-threatening complications triggered by a poorly tested vaccine.  I know those 1976 victims certainly wished they had.

Let’s remember, learn from the past, and act. Every parent and grandparent of our Texas school children needs to contact their local officials and tell them they want no part of this vaccine program. Get the word out to other concerned parents. Our children are not available to be the guinea pigs in a mass societal experiment.  It is vital that we speak out about this over the summer because once the vaccines are shipped to the schools forced vaccinations may become the reality.

Please contact your Weatherford School Board. The next scheduled meeting will be July 16, 2009.  Email can be sent to driebe@weatherfordisd.com .  The Peaster School Board will also meet July 16, 2009, 7 p.m. Call 817-341-5000 or email www.peaster.net. The Brock School Board will meet August 10, 7 p.m. Call (817) 594-7642 or email www.brockisd.net.  State Rep. Phil King 512-463-0738, www.philking.com, State Sen. Craig Estes 512-463-0130,www.craigestes.org, Rep. John  Cornyn 202-224-2934,  http://cornyn.senate.org/, Rep. Kay Granger 202-2225-5071,, www.kaygranger.com, Sen. Kay Hutchinson 202-224-5924, http://hutchison.senate.gov

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