Where has common sense gone

Where  Has  Common  Sense  Gone?


Thomas  Paine


Tax day is April fifteenth.  The citizens of Weatherford, Texas decided to hold a Tea Party, representative of the earlier one in Boston harbor, to protest unreasonable tax burdens. I attended that party and was struck by the number of ordinary citizens who were there. I saw no evidence of any supremacy group representation. I saw little attendance by the very young or by curiosity seekers. What I saw was a broad cross spectrum of Middle Americans of clearly differing ethnic backgrounds. As I contemplated what was motivating this assemblage I started to realize it was not merely a show of discontent for the tax and spend policies of the administration presently resident in Washington, D.C.  Clearly the excesses of tax and spend activity advocated by the present administration is a significant contributing factor to this present upwelling of citizen anger toward big government, but the root cause is the understanding that for a very long time the government has worked against the best interest of the majority of Americans and is now proposing to dramatically accelerate that process. This situation holds true well beyond the Federal level of government.

I talked to a few people I know and again was struck by their desire to have a more responsible government, even though there was no clear majority opinion of how that could be brought about or how to judge the progress to that end.. People have been conditioned to look for more and different ways that the government can do things for them. This is an incorrect and grossly ineffective approach. Complex problems and situations seldom have simple solutions. Often the best solution is a complete departure from what is not working. This solution does not advocate anarchy. It merely asks government to do what it was originally intended to do and not one thing more. Government must remember that its sole purpose for being is to serve the people, not control and direct them. The astounding array of give-away, take-away, special interest subsidies and special interest punishments has spun completely out of control as witnessed by a tax code that is rapidly approaching 40,000 pages in length. The role of a taxation system is to raise revenue; social policy must be approached and delivered in a much different manner than it is today. There is every possibility that the tax code could be reduced to a “mere”400-500 pages that would be comprehensible to tax paying Americans. It only requires a total repeal of the old statues and substitution of new well considered ones.

This and subsequent essays are intended to help ordinary citizens understand what a burden our government has become on the lives of citizens and also provide some insight into the needed changes elected officials should be held accountable for undertaking

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