Pct #4 Commissioner Jim Webster arrested for drunken driving and unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon


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Fort Worth Star Telegram

Weatherford Democrat

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  1. “Innocent until proven guilty.”

    Fine. In matters of law this is as it should be. And certainly there are legal matters to be dealt with.

    I couldn’t care less about the legal problems facing this commissioner, though. I am not concerned at all. Due process in due time will take care of that.

    I am VERY concerned about the underlying MORAL problems faced – again – by this man.

    The office of Commissioner, second in rank only to County Judge, is not a skilled position. It is a position of honor and trust. We don’t elect a commissioner to drive a maintainer and to survey and to replace culverts; those jobs are done by workers skilled in the appropriate crafts.

    The office of Commissioner is vested with the wealth of the county. We expect that a person elected to that office will demonstrate wisdom and leadership. We expect honorable service. We expect exemplary behavior.

    The office of Commissioner reflects on those of us who select someone to fill that position. Have we no honorable, exemplary leaders among us? What a sorry lot we would be were that so!

    I shall not call on the Commissioner to resign from my hiding place behind a pseudonym on an obscure blog site. I only hope to incite discussion here, and perhaps prick the conscience of a few complacent folk who would rather not deal with this mess.

    I will, however, speak publicly on this matter. It is either that or grant tacit approbation to the ugliness this has become.


      Your PCT 4 commissioner, Jim Webster is running again???????!!!!!????? How is this happening? The election takes place this coming November, don’t forget what has happened, and think long and hard before you vote!

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