The AR for Home Defense: One Expert’s Opinion

by American Rifleman Staff – Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The AR for Home Defense: One Expert's Opinion

Lamb is an unassuming individual who has the appearance of an “average Joe,” but when it comes to kitchen-table discussions about the effectiveness of the general-purpose rifle—in today’s guise, the AR carbine—for use in a home-defense scenario, he is anything but. That’s why we decided to sit down with him for a question-and-answer session on exactly that topic. Here’s what he had to say.

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Texas Senate OKs open-carry legislation

Flags fly at the Come And Take It San Antonio pro-gun rally on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013. Several hundred pro-gun owners displayed their rifles and long arms at a rally on the grounds of the Alamo. The group later marched to Travis Park where the event concluded. (Kin Man Hui/San Antonio Express-News) Photo: San Antonio Express-News

By Lauren McGaughy | May 22, 2015 | Updated: May 23, 2015 12:05am

AUSTIN — Texas is a hair’s breadth away from legalizing the licensed open carry of handguns after the state Senate late Friday approved the legislation following hours spent arguing over a controversial amendment that would limit cops’ ability to detain gun owners.

The Senate approved House Bill 910, which would allow properly licensed gun owners to openly carry their handguns in shoulder or hip holsters. The bill passed by a final vote of 19-12 and now heads back to the House, where that chamber’s members will have to agree with the Senate’s changes.

Debate was prolonged late into the evening after Dallas Republican Don Huffines proposed an amendment that would bar police from stopping someone solely for openly carrying a handgun in public. The amendment was adopted and passed as part of final bill.

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Some states’ tests say kids are fine; national tests say they’re not

Rants, raves, reviews and resources for Dallas-Fort Worth parents

“Too many states are not leveling with students or parents. They’re being told students are proficient, but by external benchmarks they’re not prepared at all,” said Michael Cohen, the president of Achieve, the education reform group that conducted the survey released Thursday. Cohen added that improvements are expected with the new tests.  | Chuck Berman 2014 TNS FILE PHOTO

“Too many states are not leveling with students or parents. They’re being told students are proficient, but by external benchmarks they’re not prepared at all,” said Michael Cohen, the president of Achieve, the education reform group that conducted the survey released Thursday. Cohen added that improvements are expected with the new tests. | Chuck Berman 2014 TNS FILE PHOTO


A report on student testing released Thursday finds big gaps in most states between the percentage of students shown to be proficient in reading and math on state tests and the much lower number found to be proficient on a national benchmark test.

Georgia, Texas and South Carolina and dozens of other states showed significant gaps between their state tests in the 2013-14 school year and the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress on tests of reading and math in fourth and eighth grades.

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Justice Kennedy Learns a New Word



by Phyllis Schlafly, Founder & CEO of Eagle Forum, 05/05/15 –
Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy learned and used a new word during the Supreme Court’s oral argument about Marriage. He said, “The word that keeps coming back to me in this case is millennia.”

He wasn’t talking about the new voting bloc of young people called the millennials. He was referring to the thousands of years in which the public has honored marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

“And suddenly,” as Justice Stephen G. Breyer said, “you want nine people outside the ballot box” to change that by judicial fiat. That sounds like somebody is seeking government by judicial supremacists instead of by “We the people” (as our Constitution says).

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TPPF Statement on Oklahoma



AUSTIN –The Texas Public Policy Foundation today commended Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin for issuing an executive order stating that Oklahoma will not file a State Implementation Plan (SIP) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulating carbon dioxide emission produced by Oklahoma power plants. Additionally, the order requests Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to take any necessary action to protect the state of Oklahoma and its citizens from federal actions that impinge on their rights and freedom. Texas Public Policy Foundation Fueling Freedom Project Director Doug Domenech issued the following statement on Gov. Fallin’s executive order:

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Judge: Why didn’t lawmakers address voter ID concerns?

 Travis County residents line up to vote at Austin's Highland Mall on Nov. 4, 2014. (Photo by Bob Daemmrich, Texas Tribune)by Jim Malewitz, The Texas Tribune


– A federal appellate judge on Tuesday questioned why the Texas Legislature had not addressed concerns that its four-year-old voter ID law discriminated against minority voters.

U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Catharina Haynes stopped short of rebuking state lawmakers while listening to attorneys spar over what are widely considered the nation’s strictest rules on the identification that voters must present at the polls. But she sounded perplexed that lawmakers had not made the law more palatable to critics as it winded through the federal court system.

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Global Warming in Hot Water

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn

by Mark Steyn, April 14, 2015

I know the (Aussie) ABC are a bunch of doctrinaire lefties for the most part, but I always enjoy my appearances thereon and Tony Jones is a not un-agreeable host, all things considered. Still, it’s sad to see them providing a platform for serial litigant and Clime Syndicate warmano Michael E Mann.

As you know, Mann is suing me for describing his famous scary “hockey stick” graph as “fraudulent”, which it is. The graph shows a straight-line “shaft” of the stick representing 900 years of stable global temperature, followed by a sharp upturned blade representing the 20th century temperature rocketing up and out the top right-hand corner. The “message” (which Mann and his colleagues were concerned not to “dilute” with any subtleties or qualifications) was simple: We’re all outta graph paper. This thing’s off the charts with nowhere to go but up through the ceiling at an unprecedented rate. Give us all your money or the planet’s gonna fry.

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Oregon Sheriffs testify, they will NOT enforce new gun-grabbing law! (Video)

OregonSheriffs-570x300From, by Tami Jackson on April 24, 2015 –


My friend, Michael Strickland, a conservative citizen journalist here in Oregon whose videos can be seen at Laughing at Liberals and whose writing can be seen at Gateway Pundit, captured some great testimony yesterday in Salem.

The State House of Representatives was debating Senate Bill 941, which in summary:

Outlaws private transfers of personal property, expands gun registry and police gun owner list, requires gun owners to ask permission from Oregon State Police before giving guns to others, forces every transfer to be subject to failed “background check” system.

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Parker County Conservatives hosts Allen West

Parker County Conservatives hosted Allen West at their first meeting. (Photo courtesy of Parker County Conservatives)

By Rosealee Hoffman, Parker County Daily Post, ALEDO (PCDP) 4/22/15 –

A new group of Parker County citizens has formed to promote the Republican platform and educate citizens about political involvement. Parker County Conservatives was conceived about a year ago and has a steering board of seven members, including Darrel and LeAnn Russell.

“There’s so many divides in the Republican party, so much animosity,” said Darrel Russell. “But Texas has a two party system. We need to find a way to bring Republicans together.”

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Allen West Coming to Parker County

Allen West

Allen West

If you consider yourself a conservative, we encourage you to join us as we welcome Allen West to Parker County.


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